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when we sat in the bus on the way back from our picnic (where we already ate a lot) we saw a beautiful night market, got off the bus and took a 20 minute walk back to look at it more closely. it was awesome, busy and delicious! most of the stands sold food, a few sold clothes or jewelery, everything was lid and lively.
i ate a looot. i ate some more samoussas, fries, chocolate cake, something fried that was called fried tie or so, just sugar and fat, some more chocolate and caramel cake, bananas from la reunion and those potato thingys on the last picture. they were filled with aubergine and potato, and cheese. we basically ate everything we could get our hands on and it was awesome!

for more, follow my travel blog :)
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my photo and story blog for my travels in the next 3 months, id feel honored if you followed :)

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i’m back! did you miss me?

i’m back! did you miss me?

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youre okay if at least one friend of yours is drunker than you are

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my backpacking blog, follow if youre interested :)
loads of photos and some stories.

my backpacking blog, follow if youre interested :)
loads of photos and some stories.

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new travel blog 

hey you,

ill go and travel around asia and some
other places. ill share photos and stories with you on my new tumblr ‘mytraveltrash’ - id be happy if you check it out (be patient, more is coming i just opened it)

see you there

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no idea what’s going on, but yeah, suddenly i feel very sick. can you send dr. levine over here?

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cant wait for london

cant wait for london

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